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Quantum Wimax surveys household electronics use for targeting and analytic purposes, conducting over 50,000 extensive interviews each year to determine how end users spend their time and money on communications products, technology, and entertainment. Each survey sample is randomly selected and weighted to reflect known population characteristics. Clients can target samples by precise geographic location, phone or cable carrier, or any of a number of other consumer choices and demographic factors, from household composition to income and employment status. Our surveys consist of multiple-choice and agree-or-disagree questions, rankings and ratings, and even fully transcribed open-ended responses on a variety of topics: internet access and activity, household computer use, television and audio, video game systems, entertainment choices, cable and satellite subscriptions, and more. These responses can help Quantum Wimax clients to track consumer trends, target specific consumer groups with products and services, and support planning and capital-raising campaigns with proven data.

Quantum Wimax analytics take survey data to the next level by modeling and projecting consumer behavior, producing extensive and accurate estimates and predictions of household demand for voice and data services, electronic devices, and systems. Uses for Quantum Wimax analytics include monitoring the growth of the customer base for a new technological product or service, profiling the average customer, and evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns and competitive offerings with regard to seasonality of purchase activity. Quantum Wimax analytics cover product penetration, estimates of market share with a focus on local markets, local area forecasting, switching behaviors, market size and potential, consumer awareness of products and services, and cross-media habits. Quantum also offers custom analytics to address specific client problems with results-oriented market intelligence.

Additionally, Quantum Wimax produces comprehensive studies covering both topics of special interest and large sample segment profiles of audience segments, geographic areas, and users of industry-specific products and services. Quantum reports are held to a high level of statistical accuracy. Syndicated reports covering the entire scope of survey data are issued several times per year, and can be purchased individually, as a package, or through subscriptions. These reports cover specific and relevant topics such as media and entertainment choices of the Hispanic population, use of wireless technologies and telecom fiber, and consumer habits of gamers and movie attendees.

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Key Benefits:

  • A longitudinal panel of 40,000 wireless users provides the most efficient means for tracking adoption and switching behaviors.
  • Longitudinal tracking provides the basis for quickly and efficiently adding new information into the survey.
  • The wireless panel provides the ability for client specific inserts.


  • Track the shift in this demand
  • Identify the segments of the population that are willing to pay the most for such service
  • Quantify the total potential market for wireless broadband

Topics Covered:

  • Market size/market potential
  • Market share
  • Awareness of new products/services
  • Trial and adoption of new applications
  • Switching behaviors
  • Cross media habits
  • Local market estimation

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