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    • AS3030 Antenna

    • The equipment is equipped with dynamic frequency selection (DFS) to detect interference from other devices using the same frequency and automatically take a pre-selected action, such as disable transmission or relocate transmission to alternative frequency...
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    • AS4020 Antenna

    • AS4020 offers fully transparent voice capability enabling each voice circuit to carry Fax and In-band modem traffic if necessary...
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    • AS4030 Antenna

    • AS4030 is managed by its network management system, AS8300. * Licensed 3.5 GHz band...
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    • ASWipLL

    • ASWipLL, working together with an Integrated Access Device (IAD) located at the customer premises and a Media Gateway (MG) connected to a Class 5 switch, provides a high-quality VoIP solution...
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    • Proximity

    • The system has built up a strong reputation for stable and reliable operation in a number of deployment scenarios ranging from dense urban to rural...
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    • Wireless Access Point Access5830

    • 5.8 GHz Broadband Wireless Base Station * Up to 18-mile range, 12 dB fade margin * 10 Mbps usable subscriber throughput * Supports up to 500 subscribers per AP * Dual polarity antenna, software switchable * Integrated antenna and connectorized versions available The Access5830 is an enterprise-class wireless access point offering 10 Mbps, direct sequence, and spread spectrum...
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    • M900S

    • The M900S Series point-to-multipoint wireless broadband internet access (BWA) platform utilizes the advantages of the 900 MHz license-exempt spectrum and delivers up to 3 Mbps to the subscriber unit...
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    • M2400S

    • The M2400S? point-to-multipoint 2.4 GHz wireless broadband Internet access (BWA) platform offers service providers and network operators a cost effective, enterprise-grade solution for fixed wireless connectivity...
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    • RedCONNEX AN 50e

    • Redline's award-winning RedCONNEX? AN-50e is the world's first high-performance, low-cost multi-service backhaul and specialized access solution for carriers and service providers looking to cost-effectively expand their networks and profitably deliver high quality access to customers...
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    • RedCONNEX AN 80i

    • The AN-80i is the latest addition to Redline's RedCONNEX? family of high-performance wireless broadband transport solutions...
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    • RedCONNEX MAX AN 80i

    • The RedCONNEX? MAX+ AN-80i is a carrier-class licensed Ethernet product designed to provide long range point-to-point links in the 3...
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