Backhaul Products

  • GigaLink Series

  • Key Features * High Reliability o Third-generation, mature product line o Extremely high link availability up to 99...
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  • Lynx.GX Series

  • New Manageability and Installation Flexibility Lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Proxim's Lynx...
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  • Tsunami.GX Series

  • Fast, Cost-Effective Extension of IP Networks Proxim's Tsunami.GX is a full-duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridge with an innovative split-box design...
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  • Tsunami QuickBridge Series

  • Tsunami QuickBridge point to point links offer the easiest-to-install Ethernet bridge on the market...
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  • QuickBridge 60250

  • Extreme low latency and a narrow beam width, along with a high data rate, make this an ideal solution for high density environments like enterprise and educational campus networks as well as the municipal and public safety networks...
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  • TrangoLINK Apex All Outdoor RF Microwave Link

  • TrangoLINK? Apex Exclusive Features The only digital licensed wireless All-Outdoor Unit (AOU) on the market with these features: * Hitless Adaptive Coding & Modulation * True hot standby 1+1 link protection with Rapid Port Shutdown * Real-time digital LED RSSI indicator on ODU * Optical/fiber data interface * 2 data ports (fiber and copper) with a separate copper port dedicated to out-of-band management for additional data security TrangoLINK? Apex All-Outdoor Architecture TrangoLINK? Apex RF radio takes the traditional architecture of separate out-door and in-door units (ODU/IDU) and merges it into an all-in-one unit which carries benefits of higher throughput speeds, greater system efficiency, simpler installation and operation, as well as significant cost savings...
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  • TrangoLINK Giga Split Mount Microwave Radio

  • With industry-leading low latency, carrier-grade reliability, unequaled flexibility, and unmatched economics, TrangoLINK Giga? is designed from the ground up for high-capacity carrier Ethernet networks, mobile network backhaul, WiMAX backhaul, Internet service providers, broadcast applications and private enterprise wireless networks...
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  • Atlas 4900

  • Performance & Flexibility The Atlas P4900M is a carrier grade, PtP network backhaul solution that delivers up to 45 Mbps using the 4...
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  • TrangoLINK 10

  • The TrangoLINK-10? outdoor wireless Ethernet bridge offers superior performance, long range, ease of installation at an affordable price...
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  • TrangoLINK 45

  • ? High Speed 5 GHz Point-to-Point IP Wireless Bridge TrangoLINK-45? is a carrier-class wireless Ethernet bridge radio that delivers up to 45 Mbps of sustained usable data throughput using OFDM technology...
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  • TrangoLINK 45 5 GHz Wireless Ethernet Bridge

  • Performance & Flexibility * License-exempt 5.8 GHz ISM band, the lower 5.3 GHz U-NII band, and the upper 5...
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  • RedCONNEX AN 50e

  • Redline's award-winning RedCONNEX? AN-50e is the world's first high-performance, low-cost multi-service backhaul and specialized access solution for carriers and service providers looking to cost-effectively expand their networks and profitably deliver high quality access to customers...
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  • RedCONNEX AN 80i

  • The AN-80i is the latest addition to Redline's RedCONNEX? family of high-performance wireless broadband transport solutions...
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  • RedCONNEX MAX AN 80i

  • The RedCONNEX? MAX+ AN-80i is a carrier-class licensed Ethernet product designed to provide long range point-to-point links in the 3...
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