• ProximVision

  • Providing one console for your entire wireless network, it supports remote configuration & provisioning of the entire wireless infrastructure...
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  • Ekahau Site Survey and Site Survey Pro

  • Maximize Coverage, Minimize Interference The tool saves time in all phases of network deployment by combining accurate site survey information with visualization and reporting...
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  • ProximUnify

  • Widespread Mobility for Voice, Video and Data ProximUnify leverages Proxim's end-to-end wireless expertise to extend high-performance mobility for voice, video and data applications across both indoor and outdoor environments, enabling true widespread mobility...
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  • ProximVision ES

  • Rapid Network Deployment ProximVision ES automates configuration processes for faster, more efficient deployment of Proxim Wireless networks...
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  • ControlMAX

  • The ASN consists of the WiMAX base stations and the ASN Gateway (ASNGW). Whereas, the CSN is at the core of the network providing control and management functions such as IMS, DHCP, FTP and AAA...
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  • VoiceMAX

  • However, a shared medium such as wireless access is far from ideal for delivering VoIP packets with constant delay and jitter because the amount of traffic may fluctuate from one moment to the next...
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  • RedMAX RMS Management Suite

  • The award-winning Redline Management Suite (RMS) is a sophisticated element management solution that gives broadband network operators the ability to easily deploy, control, monitor and upgrade their Redline components network-wide through an intuitive, user-friendly GUI...
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