Airspan AS4030 Antenna

    Airspan AS4030 Antenna



    AS4030 is a high-end Broadband Wireless system for access and distribution applications. AS4030 supports bit rates of up to 36Mbit/s per RF channel, with Base Station capacity of more than 180Mbit/s (using 4 RF Channels).

    AS4030 is typically used to provide service to provide service to business applications and for Cellular / Backhaul Trunking. AS4030 can deliver just IP, or IP and E1/T1s services. AS4030 is ideally suited to providing service bundles to small and medium business consisting of a dedicated 2Mbit/s IP connection combined with a full or fractional E1/T1.

    AS4030 is based on robust OFDM technology of can provide service in Line-of-sight and Non Line-of-Sight deployment situations. AS4030 can operate in the presence of significant multi-path, found in urban environments.


    AS4030 is managed by its network management system, AS8300.

    •  Licensed 3.5 GHz band.

    •  Up to 36Mbit/s IP per CPE

    •  Up to 8 E1/T1s per CPE

    •  802.16a standard based

    •  Low Latency IP

    •  Line of Sight and Non Line of Sight Applications

    •  3.5, 7.0 and 14 MHz RF Channels

    •  TDD and Half Duplex FDD Operation


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