Airspan ControlMAX

    Airspan ControlMAX



    Airspan?s Mobile WiMAX ASN Gateway Solution

    The IEEE 802.16e-2005 standard together with the WiMAX Forum Network Reference Model (NRM) calls for the ability to manage subscriber mobility at a number of layers as well as to authenticate, account and apply policy on a per subscriber basis. This is achieved by dividing the WiMAX network into two main parts:

    •  Access Service Network (ASN) and

    •  Connectivity Service Network (CSN).



    The ASN consists of the WiMAX base stations and the ASN Gateway (ASNGW). Whereas, the CSN is at the core of the network providing control and management functions such as IMS, DHCP, FTP and AAA.

    A key element of the ASN is the ASNGW, which controls and aggregates the traffic from a large number of WiMAX base stations. An IEEE 802.16e-2005 compliant network may be deployed without an ASN-GW providing the wireless access network is used for fixed and nomadic applications only.

    Airspan?s generic name for an ASNGW is ControlMAX. In collaboration with Starent Networks, Airspan provides two ASN-GW product families: ST-16 and AN-1. Both products are optimized for wireless, supporting the standard Mobile WiMAX architecture with a Profile C R6 interface to the Base Station. ControlMAX offerings utilise common ASN-GW software, with individual characteristics suited to particular deployment types as follows.

    ST-16 High availability,centralised ASN-GW

    •  ST-16 is a centralised ASN-GW on a high availability hardware platform with no single point of failure. All cards, fan trays and power units are hot pluggable, with the software supporting session recovery and online software upgrades.

    •  The ST-16 is highly scalable and enables multiple functions such as ASN-GW, Home Agent, Session Control Manager, Paging Controller and Inline Services to run on the same platform. ST-16 is the ideal platform for providing a highly reliable centralized ASN-GW, with an impressive set of advanced features for operating a Mobile WiMAX network, allowing interoperability with other access technologies.

    AN-1 ASN-GW optimized for distributed architecture

    •  AN-1 is an entry level ASN-GW optimized for distributed architecture, enabling low cost deployment at each Base Station site. AN-1 operates on a high performance server blade, supporting geographic redundancy if necessary.

    •  AN-1 is the ideal entry-level ASN-GW, providing a lightweight solution for operating a Mobile WiMAX network.



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