Airspan EasyST2

    Airspan EasyST2



    EasyST and ProST CPE products have been developed to work with all WiMAX compliant base stations including all base stations from Airspan. The EasyST is an all-indoor CPE designed for self-install by the end user whereas the ProST is a part indoor- part outdoor CPE which requires professional installation and provides superior link budget in difficult deployment conditions.


    The EasyST is a physically compact WiMAX CPE designed to be deployed alongside the end user's PC. With dimensions close to the size of 2 CD jewel cases, EasyST looks great when sitting on a desk or window sill.

    The EasyST is designed to be installed by the end user, using a simple-to-use but sophisticated user interface to enable optimum positioning without needing to switch-on the user's PC. This helps improve service availability and reliability whilst increasing service speed and reducing network load.

    Three different deployment models are supported: using the integral 4 x 90° antenna; using together with the optional Wi-Fi expansion (thus locating the EasyST by a window); or using an external antenna. In all cases a visual indication system informs the user when the optimum location for RF reception and transmission is achieved.

    The latest generation EasyST, called EasyST-2, is based on the Rosedale 2 chipset from Intel and is capable of supporting both Mobile WiMAX and Fixed WiMAX profiles. Simply through software the device can be configured to support one or the other profile.

    In addition to the simple-to-use user interface, EasyST also has an in-built Web server, which allows advanced configuration by the end-user or even remote configuration by a network operator's customer service staff. EasyST is designed for combined voice and data deployments. EasyST has two optional "stackable" extension bases, one for Wi-Fi and the other for VoIP and data.


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