Airspan FlexNET ASN 900

    Airspan FlexNET ASN 900


    Professional outdoor AP

    FlexNET ASN-900 is a new generation professional outdoor fit Wi-Fi compatible access point (AP). It supports 802.11 a/b/g features with both 2.4 and 5 GHz configurations. Operators, enterprises and other organisations can deploy even most demanding enterprise network designs with these products. Unique to the product is that it supports both L2 bridged and L3 routed network topologies. Even better, end-to-end quality of service features are supported similarly with both L2 and L3 layer product features.



    FlexNET ASN-900 is differentiated from low cost Wi-Fi access points with its ruggedized IP67 outdoor design, L2/L3 management interfaces as well as with advanced set of enterprise networking features. Enterprise network features include full set of L2 management and QoS features such as VSSIDs (virtual AP features), VLANs (virtual network), 802.1Q/P (MAC layer level expedited service classes), wireless QoS classes with packet tagging, full SNMP management support, spanning tree protocol and other features. Combination of L2 enterprise network design with high performance radio features enables deployment of versatile and secure Wi-Fi access services.

    ASN-900 product has two radios, which can be flexibly configured for Wi-Fi access or wireless backhaul services. Physically product is equipped with an integrated narrow beam link antenna, which underlines the flexibility of the FlexNET product in order to support wireless backhaul. This product is ideal choice for outdoor enterprise networks (Wi-Fi hotspots, logistics terminals, ports, municipal networks), campus networks as well as industrial WLAN networks.

    Picture below describes a Wi-Fi access point configuration where one radio is used for differentiated Wi-Fi services, while second radio is used for wireless backhaul. This is typical L2 configuration model with the FlexNET ASN-900 product.

    Additional configurations with ASN-900 are also shown on Wi-Fi hotzone page.


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