Airspan MacroMAXd

    Airspan MacroMAXd


    MacroMAX is a family of single mode (IEEE 802.16-2004 or 802.16e-2005) highly integrated macro-cell base stations with all-in-one packaging of RF and base-band components. MacroMAX includes integrated dual RF transceivers to support two channel diversity and MIMO.




    MacroMAXd is a WiMAX Forum? certified base station product; one of the first to achieve certification. MacroMAXd has been shipped to customers since 2H 2005.

    MacroMAXd has been designed to deliver the best link budget with the highest capacity and net throughput; all essential qualities for macro-cell deployments used in typical wireless rollouts. It is available in the 3.4- 3.6GHz band in the 3.5F1 profile.

    Each MacroMAXd sector comprises of a 4U high rack mountable shelf, which contains the baseband processor and the RF unit. The baseband is a single card that is directly connected to the RF, PA and LNA, which in turn is connected to appropriate mast installed antennas via external feeders.

    Two separate antennas enable the link budget to be further increased through the use of multi-channel transmit diversity and receive diversity. A compact rack supports up to three sectors with diversity a full rack supports up to 4 sectors.

    Both MacroMAXe and MacroMAXd base stations are managed by Netspan, Airspan?s SNMP based element management platform.


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