Airspan MicroMAXd

    Airspan MicroMAXd


    MicroMAX is a family of single mode (802.16d or 802.16e) highly integrated micro-cell base stations with all-in-one outdoor packaging of RF and base-band components. For Mobile WiMAX applications, MicroMAXe includes integrated dual RF transceivers to support two-channel MIMO. Performance optimized variants for high density roof-top deployments and cost optimized variants for low density / rural deployments are available.




    MicroMAXd is a complete standalone base station, sharing the same system architecture as our tried and tested ASWipLL product line.

    The MicroMAXd base station is highly modular in design and consists of two main components: the all-outdoor Base Station Radios (BSR) and the indoor aggregator Base StationDistribution Unit (BSDU), or the single channel Data Adaptor.

    Each base station site can contain up to 16 BSRs, depending on the amount of available spectrum. Each BSR is connected to the BSDU via a 100BaseT interface operating over a CAT5 cable, which carries both data and power. Each BSDU can support up to 8 BSRs.

    MicroMAXd is designed to support lower density, rural broadband access, enterprise applications and DSL in-fill scenarios in both licensed (1.5GHz, 3.3GHz, 3.5, 3.7GHz, 4.9GHz) andunlicensed (5.1, 5.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 5.9GHz) bands.

    One of the key features of the MicroMAX BSR is that it requires lessthan 28W power, making it ideally suited for those rural deployments where power generation and supply may be a problem.

    MicroMAXd operating in unlicensed bands can be used by Wireless ISPs to deploy WiMAX easily and cost effectively wherever the need is identified.

    Both MicroMAXe and MicroMAXd base stations are managed by Netspan, Airspan?s SNMP based element management platform.


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