Airspan MicroMAXe

    Airspan MicroMAXe


    MicroMAX is a family of single mode (802.16d or 802.16e) highly integrated micro-cell base stations with all-in-one outdoor packaging of RF and base-band components. For Mobile WiMAX applications, MicroMAXe includes integrated dual RF transceivers to support two-channel MIMO. Performance optimized variants for high density roof-top deployments and cost optimized variants for low density / rural deployments are available.



    MicroMAXe is a sophisticated microcell Mobile WiMAX base station which employs the software defined radio (SDR) technology first developed for HiperMAX, together with dual radio transceivers, antennas and GPS receiver all in a highly integrated, physically small and light, all outdoor package.

    MicroMAXe has been designed to provide a sophisticated yet costeffective base station solution in less dense deployment situations. The product supports a wide range of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. The product has been designed to address the markets needs thru to 2011 and beyond by supporting the current and future air interfaces thanks to its SDR technology.

    MicroMAXe base station product bringing together state-of-the-art technologies in a compact and all outdoor package. Thanks to its small footprint MicroMAXe is easy to deploy and minimises site OPEX expenditure.

    MicroMAXe comes in two variants, a Hi-Power class and a Lo-Power class. MacroMAXe implements dual radios for 2x2MIMO delivering up to 56dBm EiRP with the integrated antennas.

    MicroMAXe initially supports 5MHz and 10MHz channel sizes. However, the product is capable of supporting 20MHz channels (Mobile WiMAX profile Rel. 1.5) as well. MicroMAXe has been designed to support either 2x10MHz (using dual PHY/MAC) or 1x20MHz channel.

    MicroMAXe has been conceived for deployment in 3-sector configuration, which is the optimum configuration for Mobile WiMAX deployments. MicroMAXe design also incorporates an Ethernet switch which enables the traffic from 3 sectors to be aggregated for backhaul and network interfacing. MicroMAXe fully supports the interoperable R6 reference point for interworking with ASN Gateways either in a distributed or centralized network configuration.

    Spectrum is a scarce and valuable resource which must be used efficiently. In order to achieve frequency reuse factor of one (N=1) the best balance between spectral efficiency and interference mitigation must be achieved. This is realised through Fractional Frequency Reuse for which MicroMAXe has been optimized. Fractional Frequency Reuse controls co-channel interference to support frequency reuse of one with minimal degradation in spectral efficiency. MicroMAXe can also be deployed using traditional frequency reuse plans.


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