Airspan ProST2 and ProST WiFi2

    Airspan ProST2 and ProST WiFi2


    ProST-2 and ProST-Wi-Fi-2

    ProST is a customer premises equipment designed for outdoor deployment. It is designed for rapid and simple external deployment, to be fitted by trained personnel in less than one hour. The operator would deploy the ProST when a specific service level needs to be guaranteed to the end customer. The ProST ensures high service availability at enhanced ranges, operating in both LOS and NLOS propagation environments.



    ProST product family has two models:

    ? ProST which delivers WiMAX access
    ? ProST- WiFi which delivers WiMAX access together with integrated Wi-Fi capability.

    To obtain a basic service capability, the ProST would not require programming with any initial configuration data. However, to deliver service to the ProST will require the management system to authenticate the customer?s equipment using the internal X.509 certificate. This may be achieved automatically (through a web based registration service) or via a telephone call to a central administration centre.

    ProST supports a two piece design comprising of the outdoor unit (ODU) which contains the radio, the antenna and the baseband processor in an environmentally robust enclosure, and a family of indoor adapters called Subscriber Data Adapter (SDA) designed to support the delivery of a range of end-user services. Service interface options include:

    ? 1 to 4 Port Switch
    ? 4 port with VLAN Port Switching

    The latest generation ProST called ProST-2 is based on the Rosedale 2 chipset from Intel and is capable of supporting both Mobile WiMAX and Fixed WiMAX profiles. Simply through software the device can be configured to support one or the other profile.

    ProST-WiFi, in addition to the WiMAX access also supports an outdoor integrated IEEE 802.11b/g Access Point inside of the same ProST ODU enclosure. This solution enables ProSTWiFi to provide outdoor Wi-Fi coverage with WiMAX backhaul thus ensuring the rapid rollout of Wi-Fi Hotzones. ProST-WiFi operates over the full ProST temperature range and includes industrial strength IEEE 802.11b/g technology that supports 16 SSIDs per CPE and SSID to VLAN and VLAN to IEEE 802.16 Service Flow mapping.


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