Dragonwave Horizon DUO

    Dragonwave Horizon DUO

    ? 1.6 Gbps per Link
    o Unique Dual Channel Support
    o Delivers 800 Mbps per IDU/ODU
    o 1600 Mbps with DPRM
    o Double the bandwidth with half the hardware - 3X lower cost per bit
    ? Split-Mount Configuration
    o Indoor/Outdoor split mount
    o Dual Channel IDU
    o 400 Mbps per channel
    ? Upgrade from Existing Installations
    o Simple IDU replacement for upgrade from AirPair
    o Upgrade path for AirPair with 4X capacity increase
    o Compatibility with AirPair radio ODU & cabling
    ? IP Optimized GigE Platform
    o Rapid Link Shutdown, Jumbo Frames, 802.1p, Flow Control
    o ATPC, Space diversity
    o XPIC, Fast Adaptive Modulation, High Spectral Efficiency
    o 11 GHz ? 38 GHz Frequency Support
     Software defined channels from 7 MHz to 56 MHz
    o Enhanced Configuration Options
     Integrated fast 1+1, repeater


    Horizon Duo delivers industry-leading capacity of an astounding 1.6 Gbps per link that rivals the capacity of fiber-based solutions ? taking wireless to new heights. Sharing modem technology of Horizon Compact, the Duo?s dual-modem capabilities, enables the doubling of capacity per system. The increased capacity, using the same amount of hardware, results in significantly lower costs per bit as compared to other solutions. Horizon Duo can be operated in either single or dual channel modes and includes the Flex bandwidth feature found in all DragonWave solutions. This innovative platform leads the industry in flexibility, capacity and cost efficiency.
    Operating Frequency

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