Motorola WAP 400

    Motorola WAP 400



    High Performing
    The WAP 400, featuring diversity antenna techniques, is based on the IEEE 802.16e-2005 technology standard and includes spectrally efficient S-OFDMA interface, low latency performance, and IP based architecture. Enhanced system gain supported by diversity MIMO antenna capabilities allows strong indoor penetration as well as support for cellular-like mobility applications. Additionally, QoS capabilities, security features, and redundancy options make the WAP 400 platform a true carrier-class solution.

    Fixed & Mobile Application
    The WAP 400 access point provides Non-Line-of-Sight, fixed and mobile wireless broadband connections. Paired with a common IP core, the WAP 400 Access Point will support seamless inter-technology handovers.

    Ease of Installation and Management
    Motorola’s design philosophy for the WiMAX product portfolio focuses on ease of installation, management and operation. The WAP 400 Series features small, “zero-footprint” base sites with an all-outdoors design and flexible mounting options for both the RF Modules and the Base Control Unit.

    Reduced CAPEX
    The WAP 400 Access Point system benefits from an integrated design that reduces real estate requirements and allows for simple connections between components. Flexible hardware and software programmable radios provide the benefit of no-touch software updates. Integrated RF antenna design eliminates the need for costly and heavy coaxial cables between antennas and baseband modules and avoids power losses associated with heavy RF cabling.

    Reduced OPEX
    The WAP 400 has been designed as IP end-to-end. The network architecture eliminates high-cost centralized boxes, simplifies management, and reduces core transport costs. Connectivity to standard IP equipment allows operators to realize significant cost advantages.

    wi4 WiMAX
    Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX portfolio of 802.16e products and services offers industry leading breadth and depth, allowing us to map the right architecture to meet an operator’s specific deployment issues. Recognizing that a true end-to-end solution extends beyond the access network, Motorola’s wi4 WiMAX solutions deliver an extensive portfolio of compelling devices and handsets, operations and management tools, integration and optimization services and, most important, the confidence to bring WiMAX to market.

    Dynamic switching MIMO A & B

    Integrated Electronics
    Tower top, zero-footprint, thin fiber

    Distributed Electronics
    High power, ground based

    Multiple Carriers

    Smart Antenna
    Beamforming, MRT, EBF

    Antenna Elements
    2 Transmit, 2 Receive

    Best Fit
    High scattering conditions, High uplink requirement
    Operating Frequency

    Not Available




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