Motorola wi4 WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway

    Motorola wi4 WiMAX Access Service Network (ASN) Gateway



    Optimized Mobility
    The Motorola ASN Gateway benefits from Motorola's strong heritage in cellular mobility management to introduce unique capabilities that optimize mobile WiMAX functions. With the Motorola ASN Gateway, you will experience shorter handover time, reduced system latencies, and performance enhancements to the mobile link.

    Reduced Investment
    The Motorola ASN gateway seamlessly integrates functionality specific to wireless technology with IP networking and offers a significantly flatter architecture than traditional cellular network. This allows you to deploy faster at a reduced cost.

    Deployment Ease & Scalability
    Designed for scalability, the Motorola ASN Gateway can be cost-effectively sized for your deployment requirements. It will support your needed applications, subscriber base and capacity requirements. As coverage or capacity needs grow, additional base sites can be seamlessly deployed into the ASN architecture. The Motorola ASN Gateway allows you to scale the control plane and bearer path independent of one another allowing for more focused investments.

    Service Tiers and QoS
    The Motorola ASN provisions each subscriber with the services you want to offer (e.g. voice, data, video) as individual service flows. Each discrete service flow provisioned is assigned specific QoS and security parameters and minimum and maximum data rates. This enables tiered service packages and service level assurances.

    Wholesale Business Model
    Motorola's ASN Gateway offers additional revenue opportunities by supporting wholesale service delivery models. When you deploy a Motorola wi4 WiMAX network, you will also be capable of supporting multiple ISPs on your network with flexible operating controls managing service permissions and performance thresholds.
    Operating Frequency

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